St. Mark’s Prayer List (Current for December)

(Please use this list to pray at home.)

We Pray For Those In The Armed Forces: A.J., Chase Martin, Brendan Gilbert, Richard Burns, Jr, Jonathan Burns, Marvin, Jon, Kelsey, Michael Taylor, Brandon Wallace, Michelle Burns, Chris Lansford, Justin, Mason Fox

We pray for the entire world community and for all infected and affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We pray for peace in our cities and across the nation.

We Pray For Those With Immediate Needs: Members of the Parish: Alanna Miura, Leah Cloninger, Carolyn Palmer, Susan Stragand, Nancy Byers, Chuck Forbes, Patricia Spezialetti, Patt McRoberts, Vicki Caudill, Steve Marlowe, Rosie Dedrick, Shirley Bishop, Dawn Busshart, Rosanne Griffith, Shay Matthews, Barbara Cooper, Debbie Brake, Paul Teem, Gerry Escalera, Bill Roberts, Cat Reid, Millie Cocker, Matthew Anderson, Mildred Manning, Margaret Owen, Betty White Family and Friends: Allison Campbell (Henderson), Kim M (Miura), Glenn Dedrick, Reid Byers, Terry Thomas (Hutto), Jade Cribb (C.Lovelace), Chris Carpenter, Thomas R. (Jolley), Kayla & Tyler, Sandra, Terri & Mike (Malina-Jackson), Joyce Langson, Hogan Franklin, Kim Cogan, Tim Caudill, Kimberly Forbes, Catherine Forbes, Dana Whitcomb (Fitzgerald), Ryan Galvin Woods (Eaddy), Mary Elise Webb (Merritt), Carole Grady (Williamson), Rodrigo Family, Lila (Jolley), Dave and Sandi Henderson (Brake), Alice Matthews, Tasna (M Barker), Ricky Manning, Ronnie Lineberger, Nell Turner (Brake), John Merritt, Roland Tompkins, Nancy (Ward), Jane Leonard (Griffin), Gail Smith (Eaddy), Carolyn Jones (V Burns), Ally Hensen (Cocker), James Burns, Chris Thrower, Lisa (Stragand), Gloria (Pendleton), Susan (Jolley),

If you have family or friends that need to be added to or removed from our prayers, please notify the office by phone message, in writing, or by email to Thank you.

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