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St. Mark's  


We hope our church can be a place where you connect to others and find a home. Here at our church, we believe in the core values of inclusivity and redemption, grace and love and, above all - the transforming power of Christ. We never arrive, but we are all committed to walking the journey together. Our dedicated team would love to connect with you and hear more of your story, and help find the best place for you to flourish. 

We're so excited you're interested in learning more about who we are and joining the family!

Starting Point


It has been said that "What many people are looking for in a church is community, communion, and commitment."
St. Mark's is a community of diverse people devoted to God and to one another sharing our joys and sorrows. No one can truly be a Christian in solitude. At times in our lives when darkness overpowers us and we can not find the words to pray, the community is there to pray for us. We are many strands of threads bound together as a single cord finding our strength in unity with Christ.
St. Mark's is about communion. We are created by God to be in a relationship, first with God and then with others. Together we share a common life of faith and service, building God's Kingdom on earth and strengthening God's spiritual presence within us.
St. Mark's is committed to making God's love more visible in our town and throughout the world through our parish. We express our faith not only in our worship but in our lives, by giving of ourselves to God's service.
In order to become who God is calling us to be, we practice an ancient rhythm of prayer, study, fellowship, and worship.
We invite you to share with us in:

    • worshipping the living and loving God in a traditional and holy setting.

    • discovering God's call within a welcoming community, and

    • learning the Christian practices that empower people for service

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One of the reasons we join a church is to learn to be more like Christ. Our parish home is a place where we can truly give ourselves away in service to others. Servanthood at St. Mark's is not just a good idea. Servanthood is a God idea and therefore an expectation. We ask that everyone in the parish take on a ministry both inside and outside the church.


Global Impact


Many of our members are involved in one or more of the following is a list of community ministries. If you are interested in volunteering for one or more of the ministries below please contact any member of the Outreach Ministry.

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