Crisis Assistance Ministries (CAM)

Missions & Outreach
CAM provides emergency assistance to families and individuals who are experiencing a financial crisis or who are suffering under the continued burden of poverty. CAM offers help with the essential life needs of food, rent/mortgage, utilities, heat, and prescription medicine. Sponsored primarily by 46 congregations from our community, CAM is the largest private emergency assistance agency for the Greater Gastonia community. We all know that October is St. Mark’s month for CAM food donations, but CAM is always looking for more volunteers from stocking shelves, interviewing potential clients, and serving as receptionists.
CAM is open Monday-Thursday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. There is a volunteer schedule for interviewing applicants and the receptionist, and CAM trains volunteers in each of those areas.  There is a seasonal need for stocking shelves as a true drop-in—beginning of May through June (coincides with postal service food drive) and around the holiday season.   There are also opportunities to pick up food donations from Panera and Food Lion.  CAM also needs help creating a website—perhaps a service project for a student?  CAM would appreciate any help. 
Please contact Kim Wheeler at CAM (704-867-8901), or talk with Chuck and Edna Forbes ( ) here at St. Mark’s.

Not Sure Where to Serve?

Our clergy, staff, and vestry can assist you in learning more about the many opportunities to serve. Please contact the office for more information.

Help Me!

What Are Your Spiritual Gifts

We all have been given gifts of the Holy Spirit to serve God and to serve others. Sometimes those gifts lead you to sing in the choir. For others, their gifts call them to teach Sunday School or Bible Studies. St. Mark's is known within our community as a church that does more with fewer people. At St. Mark's we live out the Gospel every day in many ways.

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