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The word "acolyte" comes from the Greek word "akolouthos" which means a servant or attendant who waits on another. Our Acolytes help the clergy serve during the worship service. Youth (age 6 through high school senior) lead the processions, assist the Clergy at the Lord’s Table, and ensure all services proceed with simple dignity. They also assist at special services such as weddings and funerals. Training sessions are held periodically to recruit new acolytes.

Acolytes must attend church regularly and be in 1st grade or turning 6. They are expected to participate on a regular basis. The ministry is open to both girls and boys.

Acolyte functions include the Crucifer, who processes with the cross, directs the other acolytes in the preparation of the altar at offertory, and acts as chief acolyte for the team serving that day; Torch-bearers (Lucifers), who process with the torches and assist the crucifer at offertory and help during communion, and the Gospel Bearer, who processes with the Gospel and ensures that the correct books for worship are properly positioned on the altar.

The Acolyte Ministry vision includes:

    Training young men and women to develop a strong spiritual walk with the Lord
    Cultivating servant hearts in serving our Lord and His Church
    Gaining a thorough knowledge and confidence of the Acolyte role, eventually including faithful and responsible leadership of an Acolyte team
    Reaching out to other youth and introducing Christ to them through the Acolyte ministry.

Some events for Acolytes include:

    Acolyte Training
    Annual Diocesan Acolyte Festival
    Annual National Acolyte Festival at the Washington Cathedral

Participation in the Christmas and Easter Service Celebrations.

For more information contact Fr. Shawn at

Not Sure Where to Serve?

Our clergy, staff, and vestry can assist you in learning more about the many opportunities to serve. Please contact the office for more information.

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We all have been given gifts of the Holy Spirit to serve God and to serve others. Sometimes those gifts lead you to sing in the choir. For others, their gifts call them to teach Sunday School or Bible Studies. St. Mark's is known within our community as a church that does more with fewer people. At St. Mark's we live out the Gospel every day in many ways.

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