Worship Ministry

Our liturgical choral identity can be described as a variety of excellence! However, don’t let the flashy language scare you. We are a church choir with a primary mission to serve the worshiping community. All levels of musicianship are welcome. In fact, if you ever wanted an opportunity to learn about liturgical worship or about music in general, St. Mark's choir is the place for you. We spend some time during each rehearsal talking about the nuts and bolts of music, music reading, singing and sharing the “good news” of the Gospels. The choir is a great place to learn! Join us, won’t you?

We gather to rehearse on Wednesday evenings from 7 pm-9 pm

The Choir is always open – you may join at any time!

If you have more questions, catch me after church on Sunday morning or shoot me an email at I can’t wait to make music with you!

Julia Bozarth, Music Director


Not Sure Where to Serve?

Our clergy, staff, and vestry can assist you in learning more about the many opportunities to serve. Please contact the office for more information.

Help Me!

What Are Your Spiritual Gifts

We all have been given gifts of the Holy Spirit to serve God and to serve others. Sometimes those gifts lead you to sing in the choir. For others, their gifts call them to teach Sunday School or Bible Studies. St. Mark's is known within our community as a church that does more with fewer people. At St. Mark's we live out the Gospel every day in many ways.

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