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Sunday HE Rite II 8:00 am

Sunday HE Rite II 9:30 am

Sunday HE Rite II 11:00 am

Morning Prayer

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Easter Main Service 8:00 am and later.

Easter Sunrise Service, The Service is now available to watch.

The Great Easter Vigil, The Service is now available to watch.

Good Friday & Stations of the Cross, The Service is now available to watch.

Maundy Thursday, The Service is now available to watch.

Palm/Passion Sunday, The Service is now available to watch.

Sunday Morning Worship begins at 8:00 am with our Holy Eucharist Rite I held at 8:00 am. This service is small in attendance and large in energy. There is limited music. This service is more traditional language of the King James Bible and the music is somewhat reserved. This service offers communion.
We have a Nursery open from 9:00 am until the end of our 10:30 am service.
Breakfast is served at 9:00 am most Sundays. A small donation is requested but not required. 
Sunday Formation begins at 9:30 am. Our youth meet upstairs in several classrooms. We have an adult class downstairs in the Balthis Room and an new comers class upstairs in the vestry room.

The 10:30 am service, Holy Eucharist Rite II, offers a choir and is more of a family service with children going off to a Children's Chapel at the beginning of the service and returning for communion. This service also offers Children's Chapel where the young people are invited to go upstairs during our readings and sermon, to worship in a way they understand.
During the summer, we do not offer formation classes for our youth. Instead we offer a family service that is held in the parish hall. Our focus is on children so we sing children songs, have a children's sermon and a all of the liturgy is worded for young people. The service takes about 45 minutes and families are encouraged to come very casual. "If you are going to the pool when you leave church, come in your swim suit."